Emma taught POLS 403, Gender and Politics: Questions and Challenges at Queen’s University in Winter 2018. The course examined the politics of gender and sexual diversity in Africa. Emma includes different activities and materials in the classroom to be inclusive of different learning styles and preferences in participation. Some comments from students in the class include:

“I loved the way the course was organized. Class discussion was well run. I was able to participate very comfortably. I liked the reading responses. They were helpful for engaging with the work. You should be a teacher!”

“I really enjoyed the topic and the course and the weekly readings and sub-topics. I enjoyed the discussions in class and the way that our instructor facilitated the seminar. I also really enjoyed how the beginning of each class was dedicated to new topics related to our class, which allowed for us to apply course materials and theories to real world examples.”

“I liked the variety of material used in the class (readings, videos, news articles). Emma was also extremely well prepared and organized. Starting with small group discussions then bringing it back to a class discussion was extremely useful in making participation accessible.”

“The partner discussion made it easy to convey ideas and become comfortable in class. Emma was always available and very helpful. It was easy to engage in class and all voices were heard in discussion.”


Emma has also been a teaching assistant for courses on comparative politics, qualitative methods, gender and politics, and African politics, including:

POLS 347: The Politics of Africa
POLS 230: American Elections
​POLS 242: Comparative Politics – Regimes
​POLS 384: Strategies of Political Research
POLS 280: Introduction to Women, Gender, and Politics
​POLS 110A & POLS 110B: Introduction to Politics and Government

Some student’s comments on Emma’s teaching:

“Emma was a wonderful TA. She came prepared to with various activities but was always willing to answer any questions we had in lots of detail. She was knowledgeable and really helped me learn key concepts in this course.”

“The TA did an excellent job reviewing the complex readings and ensuring everyone understood. She was very available to meet outside of class and incredibly helpful! Emma was an overall amazing TA.”

“I thought Emma did a great job in guiding tutorials. Especially talking to other friends outside of this tutorial with different TAs. I felt as if Emma was exceptional. I felt like Emma guided the course, where the professor may have left off which has helped a lot during the midterm and assignment. Overall, great TA, really smart, very helpful.”

“Emma has been so incredibly helpful and understanding. She is also willing to answer our questions and help us with any concerns we have. She was so helpful with my proposal. I find her very professional, patient, intelligent and hard working. I wish her all the best in the future. Thank you.”